Weight Loss Tastes So Good Lynn Brown Chocolate Shape Shake Recipe

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Maybe you didn’t know that weight loss tastes so good?  

I’m going to share my chocolate shape shake recipe along with other amazing things since starting my weight loss journey with a company called Orenda® International.

Not only have I seen tremendous effective results, it is also delicious and wonderful to the tongue. Why reach out for that tub of ice cream when you have more delicious and healthier options from Orenda?  

Now don’t get me wrong.  I still love my Baskin Robbins pralines ‘n cream ice cream, however, I decided that since I’ve been focused on building my laptop lifestyle, I let myself go and the pounds have inched there way onto the scene!  

Funny thing is I wasn’t looking to lose weight but a good marketing friend of mine wrote an article I came across and it got me thinking about shifting my focus to both my online business and my health!

In the process, not only have I discovered a great way to lose weight, some healthy nutritional options and a company that I can share the products and earn an income at the same time. Right up my alley as an online entrepreneur!  So let me share a little with you…



My Experience with Orenda® 

Since I started on the Orenda weight loss tastes so good program, I have lost 4 pounds. The amazing thing about this is that I was able to accomplish this remarkable feat in just 5 days while following the Clean, Burn and Shape 10 day cleanse program.  I haven’t been able to lose weight or inches for almost 5 years now.  I chalked it up to getting older, not exercising enough and not choosing the right foods to eat.  But soon I learned there was something more to this weight loss thing.

This program comes with a number of recipes that I have come to absolutely adore. So I created my own Chocolate Shape Shake!  It’s vegan, tastes delicious and you can whip it up in no time:


 Lynn Brown Chocolate Shape Shake Recipe

- Orenda Chocolate ‘Shape’ shake formula, 1 scoop Shape Choc Shake2

- Water, 14 oz. 

- Almond ‘unsweetened’ milk,2 oz. 

- Raspberries, 5 

- Blackberries, 3 

Simply toss in all these ingredients into your blender, add 2 ice cubes and run the machine for about a minute and you are good to go, ENJOY!

The great thing about this shake is that it is super easy to make, pretty affordable and will cleanse your body and brace you for proper weight loss.

Who knew weight loss tastes so good?

I turned myself into a guinea pig to find out whether the Clean, Burn, and Shape program from Orenda works and I was astonished at the results. I, therefore, highly recommend that you try it out today, and the best part, you can do just that by getting a FREE sample! 


The Complete Weight Loss Program 

Essentially, Orenda® International ultimately aims to help you lose weight, get rid of harmful toxins from your body and shape up by providing you only the highest quality products, online exercises, recipes and other essential nutritional products.

To achieve these goals, the plan allows for a maximum of 9 servings of vegetables and fruits and 1 to 2 servings of legumes per day. When you implement these healthy eating habits into your daily diet, you will routinely feel more satisfied, and less likely to fall prey to binge eating. Additionally, these habits will eventually help you maintain your long term weight loss goals.


One of the great things I have to admit I really have fallen in love with is the Orenda Shape shakes in chocolate and vanilla. They really are delicious and not only creamy but really has no hints of chalkiness. I can also have it on the go, which is really convenient with my busy laptop lifestyle. Unlike preordering packaged meals, fast foods or microwaving frozen foods, this is a healthy alternative that you will also really like.


Orenda has a number of other amazing recipes that I am sure you will also have great fun following. Most of these recipes are easy, do not require complicated ingredients and can be followed to the tee in a couple of minutes. Therefore, if you lead a busy lifestyle, they will work perfectly for you too.


Join the CBS Program 

Interested in joining me on this wonderful weight management program? Want to know why weight loss tastes so good?! If you do then just take a few seconds to watch this video, and start enjoying your new, healthier, leaner, slimmer and awesome YOU! 

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18 Comments on “Weight Loss Tastes So Good Lynn Brown Chocolate Shape Shake Recipe

    • Yes it is a good ‘thick’ shake, its filling along with great taste! Thanks Alecia, as of this date I’m down 5 pounds. WooHoo!

  1. Great post Lynn. I’m sure people are still carrying abit of weight still from Christmas and could something like this. The chocolate shake looks amazing. Does it come in any other flavours apart from Chocolate & Vanilla?

    • Oh I’m sure, even myself packed on a few holiday pounds! And actually Stephanie it is just the chocolate and vanilla because the other recipes that Orenda shares using just these two flavors is pretty incredible and even more delicious. Thank you for your comments, glad you stopped by!

  2. Wow! Great tips! People nowadays are too busy on their monetary needs that they forgot to feed their body with wellness. I think everyone should think about this even though they are caught up with work. Remember, Health is Wealth.

    • That is a fact Mike. We do get so busy with work and building our business, as you put it, we have to feed our body the right way too. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable comments.

  3. People used to punish themselves just to get the body figure they want. Now that there are delights like this you’ve shared, they no longer have!

  4. Great post. I know when i lost all my weight, the problem that I had was the yummy food. Love the alternatives here

  5. Yup I know what you mean Steve and thank goodness we do have healthy and delicious choices now that are effective as well. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. OMG Lynn!!! Thank you so much for this recipe! Any natural healthy foods that involves chocolate – I’m all over it LOL And great job getting healthy and sharing your results.

    When I started my very first “diet” I quit junk food cold turkey for 6 months! I had 2 shakes a day and was active every day. I lost 15 lbs at the end of those 6 months.

    The best part was, after those 6 months, I tried junk food again and I immediate felt like I had an allergic reaction. At that moment I realized how to pay attention to my own body and what it’s telling me.

    Great post Lynn, thanks again.

    • Oh thanks for sharing your story Kati! It certainly is a great way to encourage healthy eating, making a decision, going for it and then you kind of train your brain to like the natural good foods. Really appreciate that and yes, gotta have chocolate, why not in a healthy way, lol.

  7. Great post, Lynn!!! (Almost as great as the shakes taste!!)

    My tip for those bored with vanilla and chocolate …

    Add some fruity flavors to your satisfaction.

    In our local Costco, for example, they have: (all organic and frozen))

    Mixed berries
    Wild cherries

    A favorite of mine is a “Peanut Butter & Jelly” Shake …

    1) Peanut butter (tablespoon only … and be sure to use a healthy one … not “Skippy” or “Jif”)

    2) Frozen strawberries (the “jelly!”)

    • That sounds so good Kevin, the PB&J shake. gotta try that recipe for sure! And yes, adding different fruit is a way to turn those shakes into the fruity flavors people are looking for. Really appreciate you adding to the discussion. Thank you!

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