Top 5 Favorite Core Exercises That Work for Getting Solid Abs

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Part of living a healthier lifestyle is to exercise daily.  

You’re going to see some of the top 5 favorite core exercises that work for getting solid abs. The great thing about these exercises is that you don’t even need to get down on the floor.

And the reason why I’m sharing this.  Yes, I will be turning 60 next month.  And I do have some aches, pains, bad ankle and vertigo but this does not mean that I do not exercise.

I’m excited to share these favorite core exercises because anyone can do these and still get the results, trim the belly fat and feel healthy.


Why Exercise the Core? 

In the past, I have had gym memberships using the weight machines and engaged in circuit training and some Jazzercise. Although all these are great for staying fit and exercising, when we age, or if you are overweight and just starting an exercise regime, attempting certain workouts at the gym may deter you from committing to a daily exercise routine all together. 

With the top 5 favorite core exercise that work for getting solid abs, you don’t have to get down on the floor. What is more, they are still effective and helpful and really do work. 

Abs Guy and Gal 

Importance of a Strong Core

Did you know that having a strong core is important to your body, back, and overall health? Essentially, there is more to a strong and firm midsection than just getting those chiseled six pack abs. 

In fact, you use your core several times in any given day. Every time you carry laundry, groceries or even your children, you will be relying on your core as the foundation of your strength.

Most people who are new to core exercises tend to have lower back issues and upper back tension. Since your core is located within the posterior chain, it is important that you strengthen it. By doing so, you will ensure that your spine is strong and your core is up, which also correlates to providing relief from back pain.

With these exercises, you will be able to increase your balance and stability especially if you are getting back into your fitness regimen after a timed lapse, or if you are new to exercise. 

This is why you really need to these core exercises, at any age! The great thing is that they are easy to follow. Try including the following top 5 favorite exercises into your training and exercise regimen and start enjoying the rewards:


Core Exercises While Standing Up

Sculpting your abs in the standing position provides plenty of benefits. You will be able to engage more muscles, burn more calories, and improve your postural support. Additionally, you don’t even need tons of space or equipment to perform these exercises for upper abs, lower abs, obliques and other angles. 

(of course, always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.) 

ROUTINE: Do three sets of the recommended number of reps for all the exercises below. You can include these routines into your regular cardio or strength session up to 4 days per week for best results.


1. Standing Bicycle Crunch

REPS: 20 on each side  EXERCISE Standing Bicycle

Standing with your feet apart and the knees bent slightly and the hand behind your head, lift your left heel. Then, brace your abs tightly, tuck the tailbone under and lift the left knee up while rotating your right shoulder towards the knee. If possible, try to make your elbow touch your knee. Do 20 reps of this move and repeat on the opposite side.



2. Extended Toe Touch 

REPS: 10 on each side EXERCISE Extended Toe Touch

Standing on your right leg, bend your knee slightly and extend the left leg low behind your hip. Then, extend your right arm overhead with the palm facing forward. Additionally, extend the spine slightly and lift your chest while raising the left leg as far up high as you can reach. Also, stretch the right arm upwards. 

Scoop your abs inside the spine and sweep your left leg forward and try to touch your toes with your right hand. Do 10 reps of this move before repeating on the opposite side.



3. Leaning Lifting Crunch EXERCISE Leaning Lifting Crunch

REPS: 20 on each side

With the feet together and the knees slightly bent, extend your arms overhead and press your arms together. Then, lean your torso to the right and stretch all the way through to the left side. As you do this, brace your abs in and lean slowly to the left while extending your left leg outward. Lift the leg with pointed toes. Repeat 20 reps of this move before working on the opposite side.



4. Rotating Deadlift

REPS: 15 on each side EXERCISE Rotating Deadlift

Start out in the split stance with your left foot placed forward, hands behind the head and knees slightly bent. Engage your abs and hinge forward from the hips, while ensuring that your spine is naturally straight until your chest is almost parallel to the floor.

As your body returns to the upright position (and maintaining a flat back) rotate your torso to the left and look back over your left shoulder. Do 15 reps of this before repeating on the opposite side.



5. Stepping Chop

REPS: 20 on each side EXERCISE Stepping Chop

Standing with the feet together, hands clasped, arms extended overhead and knees bent, take a wide step towards the side with your left leg. At the same time, chop down your arms towards your left hip. Then, bring your left foot back to the right and swing your arms upwards and to the right. Perform 20 reps of this core exercise before repeating the steps on the opposite side.



So, there you have it – the top 5 core exercises that work for getting solid abs. Try this out the next time you DO NOT want to get down on the floor and watch as your abs start forming and you begin building a stronger core!


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20 Comments on “Top 5 Favorite Core Exercises That Work for Getting Solid Abs

  1. Great tips Lynn. I have to say that I have been a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to exercise. But definitely I want to start asap and your blog post is a wake up call for me. I want and I need to do it. Thanks

    • Oh that is good to hear Nuno. I’m glad to have inspired you to get back to those daily exercises. Thank you for sharing your comments.

  2. wow love this Lynn.. I do yoga, usually 4 times a week.. which was keeping me fit.. however Im now walking every day and yoga maybe 2x a week so love these exercises, top 5 core exercises that work for getting sold abs – thank you

    • Oh yes there are so many people into yoga Helen, I never get into that, but I do like to walk as well and ride my in home stationary bike too. Thank you for sharing your comments today.

  3. YES Lynn!

    I am so excited that you shared this today…I recently started a nutrition and fitness plan, and have felt like I am not really working my core because I have some issues with my back and knees and cannot lay flat on the floor.

    This will be awesome to start implementing these 5 favorite core exercises into my routines. I am so excited:)

    Thank you so much!


    • Oh that is good to hear Kristine that these core exercises could help you strengthen your core as I have vertigo so I can’t get on the floor anymore. It’s always good to have other options and I’ve been doing these exercises and they are good ones! Appreciate you sharing your comments.

    • Oh good to hear that Kay. And I guess I should have included images with the guys doing these exercises because they are just as effective for everyone!

  4. I love that you offered the alternative of not doing ab exercises on the floor!

    • You know I run into other people that are happy to learn they can do these exercies for the core, so thanks Lorraine for sharing that!

  5. Great tips Lynn. I definitely been having problems shifting my stomach weight since I’ve stopped taking medication. Definitely will give these a try for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Oh I’m glad to share these core exercises with you Stephanie as it sounds like it just might be the thing for you to get back that solid core. Thanks for your comments.

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