Top 5 Diet Soda Dangers You Probably Did Not Know About

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I recently came across this eye opening information about the diet soda ‘dangers’ you probably did now know about.  

Let’s see if you knew about these dangers and if it will persuade you to rethink about drinking that next diet soda drink!

Did you know about. 32 percent of the people who consume diet soda on a regular basis still have a BMI percent that places them smack in the overweight category?!

And if you already knew that, then you will want to share this important information to others so they know about the top 5 diet soda dangers, especially if you are battling weight issues. 

Reading this stat, I started remembering those days when I used to work as a corporate robot mom. Back then, I used to drink a minimum of 1 can of diet soda on a daily basis. Today, I no longer do this. Instead, I have adopted a glass of water as my favorite beverage.

Diet Soda Dangers

So, what are these top 5 diet soda dangers? Read on to learn more:


#1 – Causes Weight Gain and Obesity

Research shows that even though diet soda provides no caloric value, it may impact insulin the same way as ingesting sugar. This is due to the cephalic phase insulin response from the brain. Therefore, when you taste the sweetness in diet soda, your brain will perceive this as sugar. As a result, it will direct the pancreas to release insulin.

Therefore, drinking diet soda increases the incidence of weight gain and obesity. In fact, researchers working from the University of Texas Health Center found that the risk of obesity increased among people who regularly drank diet soda. According to their studies, 2 servings of diet soda increased waistlines by 3+ inches. YIKES!


#2 – Very Acidic – Demineralizes Bones and Teeth

Diet soda is chiefly comprised of acidic chemicals, making it one of the most acidic drinks you can consume. These acids, thereafter, demineralize the teeth and bones. They also lead to osteoporosis and fractures.

Acid in the body also leads to various health conditions – including corrosion and inflammation of body tissue. When your body is too acidic, your skin will not look as youthful or beautiful as it normally would. Therefore, the more the number of diet soda cans you down, the older you will end up looking.

Big Belly Soda 

#3 – Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

According to a University of Miami (Miller School of Medicine) study, people who drink diet soda on a daily basis have a 61% increased risk of experiencing cardiovascular events. Even accounting for such factors as age, the risk of consuming diet soda ultimately raised the chances that study participants would suffer from heart failure.

In the same way, one of the diet soda dangers you should watch out for is the increased risk of stroke. Higher sodium and artificially-sweetened soda is now associated with greater rates of body declines, which ultimately results in experiencing a stroke.


#4 – Aspartame Destroys Brain Cells

Diet soda also contains aspartame, which causes frontal lobe impairment/inflammation. The frontal lobes are chiefly responsible for the executive function of the brain. Its roles, as such, include the ability to choose between bad and good (like put down the diet soda good, like diet soda bad), comparisons and contrasts, planning, attention, working memory, and multi-tasking.

Additionally, aspartame causes a slew of other issues – such as symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis, headaches, disturbances in vision, migraines, cognitive problems, neurological problems, different cancer types, and seizures. This is even without mentioning the fact that it is highly addictive.

Since the body absorbs aspartame quickly and excretes it slowly, it will eventually accumulate and lead to further problems. This begs the question: would you really like to super-size these issues?


#5 – Increases Risk of Leukemia and Lymphoma 

Did you know that diet soda increases the risk of leukemia and lymphoma? According to the longest-running study on aspartame (that ingredient that also destroys brain cells), taking as few as a single diet soda daily increases the risk of leukemia in both women and men. Additionally, it also increases the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma in men.

The researchers working on the study analyzed data derived from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study and the Nurses’ Health Study for a period of 22 years. During this time, a total of 47,810 men and 77, 218 women were included in the analysis. Apart from how large the study was, it is also notable consider how thoroughly the researches assessed the intake of aspartame by the test subjects. 

Healthy Eating Laptop Water 

So, there you have itthe top 5 diet soda dangers you must watch out for. The next time you are tempted to grab for that can of soda, you might remember these dangers and instead go for a bottle of water. Your body will thank you for it! 

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11 Comments on “Top 5 Diet Soda Dangers You Probably Did Not Know About

  1. Fortunately I drink very little coke – we call them by their names here.. occasionally with a bacardi and coke.. I wonder if they are not Diet – is it different.. I now realise that most ‘diet’ things ie low fat and high in sugar.. very hard to avoid the ‘sugar’, thanks Lynn, great post

  2. I stopped drinking any soda years ago. I’m diabetic and they told me that diet soda was “free” and I could drink as much as I want. Bad advice. Thank you for sharing. I’m surprised that the stuff is even legal.

  3. I didn’t know that much about diet soda and i say thank you very much. I learned something new about it and i didn’t know that were so much of that in diet soda.

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