The Big Fast Food Myth No One Talks About

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If you have been struggling with your weight, like I have, there are a number of fast food myths you need to know and use to lose weight.

Not many people talk about this or worse, not many people know how fast food is affecting our bodies and lifestyle.

You see it everywhere.  In your grocery stores, online, magazines every form of advertising that boasts about ‘low fat’, ‘no sugar’, ‘low carb’…’healthy’ food.  Most companies today market and promote so called low-calorie fast foods to trick you into eating their products. Did you know that most of these foods are actually riddled with junk and gunk? This is one reason why so many Americans are more unhealthy and heavier than ever before.

Snack of vegetables in glassware on tray on wooden background 

The Fast Food Myth 

If you are worried that you packed on more pounds from your holiday or weekend feasts and treats, there is a new type of evil restaurant that seems to be beckoning people over to the light side. Most of these food chains are making a splash dishing out plant based meals quickly, empathizing healthy eating and holding prices down.


Whereas they are dubbed ‘healthy fast food’ restaurants, we all need to take a step back to see whether they are really trying to solve the crises of global warming, factory farming and obesity. 


Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s because it is. Healthy food store chains these days cannot match fast food restaurants in terms of convenience, pricing or speed. Even worse, they are casting health halos over consumers, causing them to consume foods that are as unhealthy as their fast food partners in crime. 


The Problem

The main problem with these so called low calorie fast foods is that whole fresh foods are not suited for fast food. Most fruit and fresh vegetables are delivery mechanisms for water, fiber and nutrients. They are low in protein, fat and calories, so you need to eat a lot of them to fill up.


Seeing as how fresh foods tend to be more wasteful, expensive and laborious to ship, store and prepare than simply slapping frozen burgers and fries on the grill, it follows that we are all being led down the route to obesity.

Farmer discussing with a customer at the local market


What Can You Do? 

Start consuming the healthy choice of produce to get satisfied. Make it part of your daily diet to consume 4-5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.


While fast food – including the ‘low calorie’ types is fast to make, buy, and eat, change the mindset to start choosing healthier options.  Take the time to make fresh bowls of salad and sit down, taking the time to eat and enjoy them.


Once you start making healthier eating choices, you will notice fresh food choices like your local Farmer’s Market, natural food stores and other options that provide organically grown vegetables and fruits to start using in your daily diet.  We are in a hurry up world in which is causing many of us to eat on the run.  Convenience is what we want but also a healthy way of living is necessary to keep us from falling into ongoing health issues or problems. 


The thing you need to know, therefore, is that there is nothing like healthy foods even though they are never cheap and require tons of time to prepare.  It will keep you away from the fast good myth of thinking that even those fast food chains ‘healthy options’ are best.  When in the long run the food is riddled with sugar, fat and salt, which is the plan to keep you coming back!

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So don’t be fooled by the big fast food myth.  Instead start reading labels, packages and other nutrition information that all fast food chains are now supposed to produce and make available for consumers.   

Know what food you are preparing for you and your family.  Healthier food choices will keep you away from the fast food cycle and into a much healthier lifestyle.  Couple that with daily exercise and plenty of water will keep you healthy, wealthy and happy!

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18 Comments on “The Big Fast Food Myth No One Talks About

  1. Oh, I feel guilty with my appetite. It’s really hard to resist eating in fast food outlets, but you’re right, we must stay healthy by preferring fruits and vege over those processed foods.

    • Yes Gomer it is tempting to always go for the quick snack or fast food but when we focus on what alternatives we have, there really are so many healthier ways to eat. Thank you for your comments.

  2. This is a real eye-opener Lynn! We really do need to take the time to evaluate whether some of these seeming shortcuts to healthy eating and lifestyle are really ‘shortcuts’ indeed!

    • Great point Suzanne. I know we talk about shortcuts in our business but when it comes to healthy food choices those shortcuts are not so good most of the time, lol. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    • Exactly Vitaliy and I try every day to make a huge effort towards better choices of food options. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Great post Lynn. I definitely agree that the packaging in foods whether it’s fast food or in the grocery store can be misleading at times. People need to take the time to read the labels carefully and if there is something on the package that you are not sure of, it’s probably best not to buy it. Thanks for sharing :)

    • I know for some folks it is a cost thing, but glad you agree that we should take the time to read the labels because there are so many good food choices for same price, its best to choose good healthy eating. Thank you for sharing your comments.

    • Now that I know more about what I should be looking for in our foods, I too am reading those labels. Thanks Steve!

  4. WOW Lynn, I am so used to your other blogs, I almost can’t believe you have this one too. Great post. As someone who lost 34 pounds recently, I can relate very well to this post. Good info for all to see!

    • Wow congrats on losing the weight Ray, that is awesome. And yes I did start yet another blog, wanted to write about health and building wealth at the same time as it goes hand in hand for us folks living the laptop lifestyle. Glad you stopped by and hope you will visit again soon!

  5. Great blog Lynn.. I eat tons of fruit and veg but I also LOVE other food too.. Secret is Lots and lots of exercise… I used to do Bikram yoga 4 x a week.. not I barely do it 2.. and without the heat… so Im walking every day… everything in moderation and Yes OMG when you come to the US.. way too many obese people..

    • Sounds like you have got a good healthy lifestyle Helen. And we all love our ‘bad’ foods every now and then, as long as it is in moderation as you mention. And yes, our obesity problem is bad here and it starts with our kids, which of course is educating the parents to keep those kids active and eating more of the right foods instead of all that fast food. Thank you for your comments on this!

  6. awesome posts Lynn…. Healthy is the way to go… I found at first working from home I would pick up easy things to eat during the day…not so healthy but easy then I realize a few pounds coming on so I switched to eating more fruits and raw veggies during the day instead of chips etc… thanks for sharing

  7. WOW! Love this post Lynn. I admit I am not a healthy eater at all. I love fruits and vegetables and right now I can hardly wait to have fresh tomatoes out of my garden. So, why don’t I eat healthy??? I don’t know but thanks to this post I’m going to make it a priority. :) Thanks for sharing Lynn and congrats on your weight-loss success.

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