Overweight Is Not a Life Sentence

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When you gain weight or if you are overweight just know that it’s not a life sentence.

Hey I’ve been there, battling my weight since I was 12 years old.  I have the ‘pear shape’ figure and always dreamed about looking like a runway model.  So you may inevitably be left wondering how it happened. You may even feel bad that you didn’t watch your eating, and regret why you overindulged in the first place.

However, that is not going to help.

Since being overweight is not a life sentence, there is something you can do to change it. The best way is to simply forget what happened in the past, and start working on yourself and on your body today.


Decide, Commit, Succeed


The first step to ensuring that you are no longer overweight DECIDE that you finally want to do something about your weight and healthy lifestyle. This decision will largely be informed by your desire to change how you look and feel. 

One way to make to help you decide to change is simply follow people on social media. Find a couple of individuals with the body of your dreams. Check out how they look and make a conscious decision to change your body, think of it as your personal challenge that will help you decide to change.

Making a decision will activate your mind and give you the motivation, push and drive you need. It will also show you that it is much easier for you to start living a healthier lifestyle. For instance, after you decide, it will be difficult for you to overindulge on food that is bad for you. The decision you make will force you to wake up early every morning and start exercising even before you have had breakfast.

Exercise Couple Jogging


Once you know that being overweight is not a life sentence and you decide to do something about it, you need to COMMIT.  Find a routine that you can follow. If possible, get a personal coach or join an exercise program. Currently, the Clean Burn and Shape program is designed to help you lose weight in a quick, effective, and affordable way. And the cool thing is you can even follow up on this weight loss regimen over the internet with their online smart system. 

As of this posting…I’m on the CBS 10-30 program and have lost 12 pounds & 6 inches!

When you have decided what you would like to do about your excess weight, commit to the program, fitness coach or routine. Commitment, more than anything else, will determine how successful you are at losing those extra pounds, exercising daily and eating healthy.

By committing, you will always be in the right state of mind. Therefore, when you feel like you do not want to work out, you will find yourself getting out there and hitting the gym, doing those core exercises, some cardio, pumping weights, or jogging in the great outdoors.

Laptop Salad Water Healthy


With the right motivation, push, and drive, you should be able to SUCCEED and achieve your weight loss goals faster and with minimal effort. Where possible, get a couple of self-motivating and positive books, audio files and videos. Alternatively, consider joining a team that will help you. Whether it is an exercise team formed by your neighbors, friends or a weekend cycling program, your commitment and decision to your goals will make you more successful.

Just know and believe that being overweight is not a life sentence.

Irrespective of how overweight or out of shape you are, you can still work towards losing all those excess pounds. When you “Decide. Commit. Succeed.”, you will have an easier time finding success and getting that body that you have always dreamed about and living that healthy lifestyle. Get started today and work your way to the core. 

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14 Comments on “Overweight Is Not a Life Sentence

  1. Oh how I can relate Lynn, I too am a Pear Shaped and as we get older, its harder to lose that weight.. I have spent my whole life thinking I was either too thing or too fat when in deed I was just fine… currently working on losing weight by walking and yoga… your post has inspired me to be MORE committed… one of my issues is eating after 6pm.. although if you read some books, its very much a mindset thing.. great post thank you and keep up the great work

    • Oh yes I can relate to you Helen about eating at 6pm or for me 8pm…and appreciate you sharing your story. It is helpful to others to know that we do have to be aware of just making better decisions when it comes to living that healthy lifestyle. Thanks so much, appreciate you sharing your thoughts and comments.

  2. Love this post!

    Like Helen, I can totally relate.

    I have also been working out and working on my nutrition the past few months. I am determined to be healthier and more comfortable this summer…I am tired of sitting on the sidelines while my kids go have fun.

    I want to be IN the fun:)

    Decide. Commit. Succeed. Just like in business!

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • I think our kids and living life can be our greatest motivator. Glad to hear you made the decision and going to do whatever it takes Kristine to live that healthy and active lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes stories are a great way to communicate and help others as well. Thanks Kenny appreciate you sharing your comments.

    • It really is about making that decision and you are right Adewale, we can manage and maintain a good healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your comments.

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