The Orenda Review: Which Industry Makes More Money Than Hollywood

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Recently I decided to focus on my health and weight…And in doing so, learned about the biggest industry that makes more money than Hollywood! 

Do you know which industry it is?

You got it…Weight loss

Did you know that the weight loss industry made sales of over $672B last year? That’s billion with a B!

This is one of the biggest and the most visible industries today. In fact, celebrities have taken to promoting some of the better-known weight loss companies. Recently, Oprah even signed a deal with Weightwatchers. Therefore, you can be sure that this industry has more money than Hollywood – which is why people are so interested in the affiliate marketing programs now run in the weight loss industry. 


My Review Of Orenda® International


Introducing Orenda

One of the mosst outstanding weight loss programs available today is Orenda.  The name of the company was derived from an Iroquois word for the invisible magic power they believed to pervade (as a spiritual energy) through all natural objects. 

Orenda reveals that excellent results begin with the highest quality products, made without compromise.  All their products are manufactured in facilities that comply with strict good manufacturing practices, testing for purity, potency and holding them to the very highest standards.

Disclosure: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


About Orenda

Not too many people even know about this company, unless you are in the medical profession.  Orenda has been helping people meet and exceed their weight loss goals for more than 14 years now.

Essentially, they run an online no-gym weight loss program. When you enroll, you will receive virtual assistance, recipes and recommended exercises complete with video tutorials. Therefore, you can rely on this program to clean your body, burn excess fat and shape your figure. 


The Orenda CBS Promise 

In just the very short time I started with the Orenda products, I have lost 5 pounds in 9 days! 

How did I do it?  People get started with Orenda with the CBS program.  It’s simply an acronym for what they will help you achieve – Clean, Burn and Shape your body.

Their clean, healthy and organic detox and weight loss management plan focuses on cutting edge organic cleansing all natural tools and real food along with delicious vegan chocolate or vanilla shape shakes. This combination will rid your body of all harmful toxins while helping you shed pounds and inches.  

Touted by certified health professionals all over the US, this healthy approach will deliver the total body makeover you need to plunge yourself into ultimate health. 


How It Works

Essentially, Orenda works through a number of steps, including but not limited to:


1. 10-Day Cleanse 

With the program, you will start feeling and seeing actual results in the shortest period of time. For the first 10 days, you will have an exciting and rewarding time going through a total body cleanse. This will detoxify your system and body so that you can brace up for supreme weight loss in an industry that makes more money than Hollywood.  For this step, focus on allowed fruit and vegetables, plus a cup of beans for dinner and lunch and 1 tablespoon of nut butter or an ounce of nuts.


2. 30 Day Fat Burning

Next up, you will get into an adaptable program to meet both your lifestyle, and health goals. You will follow a specific exercise and diet regimen during your Burn days, plus a healthy mix of 4 clean days and 2 off days.


3. The Products To speed up the rate at which you clean your body, burn fat and shape up, Orenda also offers an amazing array of products. These products include, but are not limited to:


- Orenda Clean™  

- Orenda Burn™  

- Orenda Shape™ 



So to sum it upthe Orenda promise really works. With strict discipline and following the program, you should be able to awaken, cleanse, and feed your body to support full-body synergistic wellness. You can try this program today, with all their products having 30 day guarantee, and enjoy starting to have greater health and wellness.  It ranks among the most effective weight loss programs in an industry making more money than Hollywood. 


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