4 Tips Getting Back To The Healthy You

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Oh sure we say it, think it, do we accomplish it? 

It’s possible to getting back to the healthy you!

On a personal note, I have struggled with weight loss since I was 12. The ups and downs, the tons of pills, diets, the shakes and gym memberships all promising me to have that skinny, model look. 

This simply showed me that fad diets and eating plans never worked. Over the years I’ve learned more about the balance of eating, exercising and living a more healthy lifestyle.


Let me share these 4 tips to getting back to the healthy you. And how you can apply them to your routine :
(in no way am I a diet or health professional, I’m just sharing from my own personal experiences.)

#1 – Eat Healthy

The first step to becoming healthy revolves around food. I use to be a ‘fast food’ junkie!  I’ll admit I still grab something quick without thinking, but certainly have curbed that for a while now.  In today’s world it’s all about instant gratification.  Well that food, those high calories and all the junk that is in fast food, had to be the first off my list!

To lose weight and maintain a healthy, shapely body, you really need to learn why and how eating healthier is key.  Recently, I discovered a 14 year old company and their health and wealth programs.  (I introduced Orenda International in my previous post)  has these amazing vegan shakes that work well with their unique weight loss plan. The more of these shakes you make and drink, following first their 10 day detox plan, which incorporates healthy eating education, videos and exercise, and then the 30 day plan, you soon see how well it can help you get on the path to start eating right and making healthy choices from the start!  You will be able to discover the real life answer to living and looking healthy.

Healthy Eating Thumbs Up 

#2 – Take Action

Can you relate to thissit down, take a moment, and think. Have you ever had this revealing experience where one day you look at yourself in the mirror and you simply cannot recognize the person looking back at you? Chances are high that you have done this before, am I right? 

Maybe it was in the evening just before you went out with the girls or on a date with your significant other.  Or it was in the morning right before you stepped into the shower. Additionally, even though you had looked at yourself thousands of times before, that one moment in time was frozen and you just stopped and stared at the reflection.

You were so surprised by how you had let yourself go that you just squinted your eyes in disbelief. You thought, “is this really how I look? Oh my God! How did I get here? I used to be so slim, so lean, and so fit. Goodness!”

All of a sudden, you realized that you no longer wanted to look like that. The extra pounds added unnecessary strain on your frame. (lol!) You also looked years older than your actual age. 

Perhaps you have been packing on that extra weight for so long that you have started forgetting what it feels like to be slim and fit. At that very moment, you decided there and then that you would have to do something to change your looks. The only solution – and you know what it is – is to take action. Start eating right, exercise, and keep away from anything that will get you looking that bad ever again.Overweight Man Admiring Himself In A Mirror


#3 – Getting Back

Almost every overweight person has had this kind of experience, and this is from my own personal experience as well, or something similar at the very least. You looked at your reflection and could no longer identify yourself. You asked yourself how you got there and decided that enough was enough. 

With this resolution, the natural next step is to try and get back to the healthy you – who would jump, and skip, and hop, and run, and never feel like they had just carried two sofas up the steps. 

So, how will you get back to the healthy you? Deep down you know that the best version of your body exists. At least you have realized that you must take action if you are ever going to get back in shape, eating right and being fit like you were before, or at least close to it!


#4 – Compare and Contrast

Look for a photo of yourself… where you looked absolutely stunning or for guys, when you were buff! Maybe it is a photo of your wedding day looking all fabulous, hopeful, healthy and slim. On the other hand, it might be in your old college football uniform holding your helmet and smiling with your peers. It might also be one of you standing right outside your first home, or the shots you took a couple of weeks into your new career where the world was literally at your feet and you know that there was no limit to how far you could rise.

Whatever the case, just dig around for that photo and decide that you are going back to that old, healthy you. The great thing about finding such a photo and setting such a goal is that it is not based on some unrealistic, photoshopped and airbrushed ideal that you just saw on Instagram. It is you. Simply you. 

You have been there before and you can go back there again. If you feel like you are no longer the body you used to be, the first step to correcting the situation is using your old photo to motivate yourself.


At the end of the day, with the right help, mindset, and industry, you should be able to uncover your old self. Sure, you might look a bit older. However, there is no denying the fact that you will go back to a slimmer, healthier, fitter, and better looking version. You can do it. Just get started today and get back to the healthy you!


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10 Comments on “4 Tips Getting Back To The Healthy You

  1. I think – everyone at some time has had a battle with their weight.. for me and I’ve said this before.. its about Exercising every single day .. its a life long process.. thats why the diet industry is a multi billionaire industry because people go back on these diets, instead of changing their lifestyle.. I tend to go by how my clothes fit.. if I eat cake on day I work it off and cut down.. Pam Grout swears its my mindset thing.. interesting. great share Lynn

    • Isn’t everything mindset, lol?! And yes, I agree Helen having a healthy balance is a lifestyle and not some quick diet or fad like I fell into when I was younger. I did fall off the healthy eating about 5 years ago and even though it has taken me time to get back on the horse, I’m glad that I made the decision and the commitment. I appreciate you sharing your insight and helpful comments!

  2. Great post Lynn, i decided to take action towards a healthier me 6 months ago after years of procrastination and inconsistencies. Eating healthy and exercise 6 times a week has totally transformed my life. I have so much energy and focus now and i have also acquired the discipline i now channel to other areas of my life..I have a dress i used to wear when i was slim and i have a target to fit into the dress. I am getting there!.

    • Congrats to you Yemisi! and I’m sure you will hit your goals. You sound like you have the determination to do just that. I too had to stop the excuses and come to grips on getting back to being more healthy. Appreciate you sharing your story and wishing much success as I can see you are on that path!

    • That’s good to hear Lyndon that you are more aware of how important it is to have that healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Thanks, Lynn, great information! It really is about eating healthier, smaller portions, eating more frequently, and drinking lots of H2O!

    • Exactly Lorraine and I have always been a huge water drinker. Now just working on more healthy eating and losing the weight ;) Thank you for sharing your comments.

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