11 Ways How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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Are you looking for ways how to eat healthy when you are on a budget?

Healthy food tends to be more expensive than unhealthy food.

This is why it can sometimes get difficult to eat healthy especially if you are working with a tight budget.  And many people find themselves going for that low cost fast food or the dollar menu. 

Still, it is possible to save money and eat healthy on any budget.

Shopping Food Budget

Consider these 11 ways to eat healthy on a budget: 

1…Meal Planning

You can save a lot of money while grocery shopping, you just need to plan ahead. To do this, each week, take a day to plan out your meals for that week. Then, create a shopping list with everything you are going to need.

You should also check your cabinets and fridge to find out what you already have. You will find a couple of foods that you can use to save even more. In the same way, only buy what you know you will use – otherwise you will just end up wasting good food (and money).


2…Stick to the Shopping List 

This can be a tough one for most people!  Be sure that you schedule your grocery shopping when you are not hungry.  Try to avoid the isles with all the desserts, candy and other high calorie, sugar packed foods. 

After planning your meals and writing down a list, ensure you stick to it. If you have trouble using this tip to eat healthy on a budget, consider downloading grocery list apps to assist you.


3…Cook at Home 

It is much cheaper to cook at home, especially in comparison to eating out. And during the summer you can bring out the BBQ and cook some yummy shush kebabs, lean meat, fish or chicken. Therefore, make it a daily habit. When you cook, you will also know exactly what went into the food and how it was prepared. 

Stir Fry Cooking Healthy Eating 

4…Cook Large Portions 

When you cook large meals, you will actually save both time and money. You can use the leftovers for lunches, frozen in single portions for later use, and in other recipes. In particular, leftovers are great for burritos, salad, stir fries and stews.


5…Shop While Full 

Research shows that when people shop while hungry, they are more likely to buy on impulse. Cravings will make you crave foods that are not good for your body or your budget. 


6…Buy Whole Foods

Most foods are cheaper in less-processed form. For instance, it is cheaper to buy a block of cheese than to get the shredded variety. In the same way, you will pay less for canned beans than refried ones. Therefore, consider getting whole foods – such as grains (like oats and brown rice). They will make better food options for eating and maintaining a healthy diet.


7…Buy Generic 

Generic brands are often cheaper and will help you eat healthy on a budget. In most cases, they are of the same quality as popular brands, but will cost you less.  So next time you are shopping, go check those generic brands and save some cash!

Fast Food 

8…Avoid Junk 

Focus on totally cutting out junk food from your life. You will be surprised how much it costs to pay for processed foods, prepackaged meals, cookies, crackers, and soda. Although these foods offer very little nutrition, and are packed with unhealthy ingredients, they also tend to be expensive.  

When you skip unhealthy and processed foods, therefore, you will have more money to spend on higher quality healthy alternatives. In the long run, this will help you eat healthy on a budget.


9…Capitalize on Sales 

In case you have certain foods or staples you use often or even favorite products, consider stocking up on them whenever they are on sale. If you are quite sure you will use the product/food, it is better to stock up when it goes on sale. This will save you a lot of money and time making multiple trips to the store! 

Of course, you need to check the expiration dates to ensure that they will not go bad before you get to use them. After all, it makes no sense to buy something that you are going to throw out later on.


10…Go for Cheaper Meat 

Fish and fresh meat tends to be expensive. However, some of the cuts cost way less than you would imagine. These cheaper cuts are great for using in stir fries, soups, casseroles, and burritos.  

You might also want to buy large and inexpensive cuts of meat to use in different meals throughout the week. They are also great for making big meals and tons of leftovers to use later. 


11…Use Meal-Alternatives

Eating less meat will help you save money. Therefore, consider other sources of protein – such as canned fish, eggs, hemp seeds, and legumes. All of these are inexpensive, easy to prepare, and nutritious. They also have a long shelf-life and are, therefore, less likely to go bad before you get to use them. 

Healthy Eating 

Were these helpful tips?  So you really can eat healthy on a budget and not suffer the consequences of an empty bank account and poor health. Use some or all of the above ways and watch as your accounts grow and your body shapes up.

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15 Comments on “11 Ways How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

  1. This is awesome Lynn!

    I have been exercising the past few months and attempting to eat healthier, but as you said here it tends to be more expensive to go for the healthier versions than it is to buy the junk.

    You shared some great tips on how to eat healthy, but while staying on budget, that I never thought of.

    Thanks so much!


    • Yes I fell into that fast food, junk food category and am glad to be turning it around to a more healthy eating habits. I’m glad Kristine you took away some ideas that will help you maintain healthy eating as it does start with how we shop for food. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments.

    • We tend to think that way and yet when we combine that with staying away from the doctor because we are more healthy, that is in our budget savings for sure! Thanks Helen for sharing your comments.

  2. These are amazing tips to eating healthy Lynn! I totally agree that you gotta go to the grocery stores when you’re full, so you don’t buy any junk food on impulse. Thanks for sharing it!

    • That tip is one of the good ones and it is true, that impulse buying can hurt us in our health and our wallet! Thank you Jelena appreciate your comments.

  3. It’s so funny — I just had a friend who wants to reduce her weight ask how she can afford to buy the “right” food because it’s more expensive. And here you have it! I’ve just been reading the book, “Goddesses Never Age,” by Christiane Northrup, MD. While not everything she says resonates with me personally, I have learned a lot about food and our diet. I never realized how much our food today is killing us slowly — or at least diminishing our longevity. Even grains that I always thought were good for us have be chosen carefully because so much of the grains we eat contain chemicals. And the preventive medications that many of us take can actually be shortening our life span. This is a great post in that it allows us to become aware and evaluate what we ingest into our bodies. Thanks Lynn.

    • It’s having the right information that is key Carol. And having that old thinking that eating healthy is too expensive, it’s more expensive getting sick. I’m also reading a lot more about our foods and how today’s chemicals have an effect on our cells. So glad that you shared your insight and appreciate your thoughts and comments.

    • That’s awesome Yemisi! Appreciate you stopping by, glad you took away some good tips for healthy eating.

  4. awesome tips Lynn on eating healthy on a budget everyone things in order to eat healthy it costs lots of money… it doesn’t and I love doing my shopping in Trader Joe’s where I get so many great organic and healthy choices for so much less costs…thanks for sharing these tips

  5. Yes, I love Trader Joes too LuAnn and also our local farmers market always has great fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you for sharing your comments, really appreciate that!

  6. I Never go with out a shopping list unless it for going somewhere quick. Thanks for your healthy tip I learned something new.

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