Top 5 Diet Soda Dangers You Probably Did Not Know About

I recently came across this eye opening information about the diet soda ‘dangers’ you probably did now know about.  

Let’s see if you knew about these dangers and if it will persuade you to rethink about drinking that next diet soda drink!

Did you know about. 32 percent of the people who consume diet soda on a regular basis still have a BMI percent that places them smack in the overweight category?!

And if you already knew that, then you will want to share this important information to others so they know about the top 5 diet soda dangers, especially if you are battling weight issues. 

Reading this stat, I started remembering those days when I used to work as a corporate robot mom. Back then, I used to drink a minimum of 1 can of diet soda on a daily basis. Today, I no longer do this. Instead, I have adopted a glass of water as my favorite beverage.

Diet Soda Dangers

So, what are these top 5 diet soda dangers? Read on to learn more:


#1 – Causes Weight Gain and Obesity

Research shows that even though diet soda provides no caloric value, it may impact insulin the same way as ingesting sugar. This is due to the cephalic phase insulin response from the brain. Therefore, when you taste the sweetness in diet soda, your brain will perceive this as sugar. As a result, it will direct the pancreas to release insulin.

Therefore, drinking diet soda increases the incidence of weight gain and obesity. In fact, researchers working from the University of Texas Health Center found that the risk of obesity increased among people who regularly drank diet soda. According to their studies, 2 servings of diet soda increased waistlines by 3+ inches. YIKES!


#2 – Very Acidic – Demineralizes Bones and Teeth

Diet soda is chiefly comprised of acidic chemicals, making it one of the most acidic drinks you can consume. These acids, thereafter, demineralize the teeth and bones. They also lead to osteoporosis and fractures.

Acid in the body also leads to various health conditions – including corrosion and inflammation of body tissue. When your body is too acidic, your skin will not look as youthful or beautiful as it normally would. Therefore, the more the number of diet soda cans you down, the older you will end up looking.

Big Belly Soda 

#3 – Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

According to a University of Miami (Miller School of Medicine) study, people who drink diet soda on a daily basis have a 61% increased risk of experiencing cardiovascular events. Even accounting for such factors as age, the risk of consuming diet soda ultimately raised the chances that study participants would suffer from heart failure.

In the same way, one of the diet soda dangers you should watch out for is the increased risk of stroke. Higher sodium and artificially-sweetened soda is now associated with greater rates of body declines, which ultimately results in experiencing a stroke.


#4 – Aspartame Destroys Brain Cells

Diet soda also contains aspartame, which causes frontal lobe impairment/inflammation. The frontal lobes are chiefly responsible for the executive function of the brain. Its roles, as such, include the ability to choose between bad and good (like put down the diet soda good, like diet soda bad), comparisons and contrasts, planning, attention, working memory, and multi-tasking.

Additionally, aspartame causes a slew of other issues – such as symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis, headaches, disturbances in vision, migraines, cognitive problems, neurological problems, different cancer types, and seizures. This is even without mentioning the fact that it is highly addictive.

Since the body absorbs aspartame quickly and excretes it slowly, it will eventually accumulate and lead to further problems. This begs the question: would you really like to super-size these issues?


#5 – Increases Risk of Leukemia and Lymphoma 

Did you know that diet soda increases the risk of leukemia and lymphoma? According to the longest-running study on aspartame (that ingredient that also destroys brain cells), taking as few as a single diet soda daily increases the risk of leukemia in both women and men. Additionally, it also increases the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma in men.

The researchers working on the study analyzed data derived from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study and the Nurses’ Health Study for a period of 22 years. During this time, a total of 47,810 men and 77, 218 women were included in the analysis. Apart from how large the study was, it is also notable consider how thoroughly the researches assessed the intake of aspartame by the test subjects. 

Healthy Eating Laptop Water 

So, there you have itthe top 5 diet soda dangers you must watch out for. The next time you are tempted to grab for that can of soda, you might remember these dangers and instead go for a bottle of water. Your body will thank you for it! 

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11 Ways How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Are you looking for ways how to eat healthy when you are on a budget?

Healthy food tends to be more expensive than unhealthy food.

This is why it can sometimes get difficult to eat healthy especially if you are working with a tight budget.  And many people find themselves going for that low cost fast food or the dollar menu. 

Still, it is possible to save money and eat healthy on any budget.

Shopping Food Budget

Consider these 11 ways to eat healthy on a budget: 

1…Meal Planning

You can save a lot of money while grocery shopping, you just need to plan ahead. To do this, each week, take a day to plan out your meals for that week. Then, create a shopping list with everything you are going to need.

You should also check your cabinets and fridge to find out what you already have. You will find a couple of foods that you can use to save even more. In the same way, only buy what you know you will use – otherwise you will just end up wasting good food (and money).


2…Stick to the Shopping List 

This can be a tough one for most people!  Be sure that you schedule your grocery shopping when you are not hungry.  Try to avoid the isles with all the desserts, candy and other high calorie, sugar packed foods. 

After planning your meals and writing down a list, ensure you stick to it. If you have trouble using this tip to eat healthy on a budget, consider downloading grocery list apps to assist you.


3…Cook at Home 

It is much cheaper to cook at home, especially in comparison to eating out. And during the summer you can bring out the BBQ and cook some yummy shush kebabs, lean meat, fish or chicken. Therefore, make it a daily habit. When you cook, you will also know exactly what went into the food and how it was prepared. 

Stir Fry Cooking Healthy Eating 

4…Cook Large Portions 

When you cook large meals, you will actually save both time and money. You can use the leftovers for lunches, frozen in single portions for later use, and in other recipes. In particular, leftovers are great for burritos, salad, stir fries and stews.


5…Shop While Full 

Research shows that when people shop while hungry, they are more likely to buy on impulse. Cravings will make you crave foods that are not good for your body or your budget. 


6…Buy Whole Foods

Most foods are cheaper in less-processed form. For instance, it is cheaper to buy a block of cheese than to get the shredded variety. In the same way, you will pay less for canned beans than refried ones. Therefore, consider getting whole foods – such as grains (like oats and brown rice). They will make better food options for eating and maintaining a healthy diet.


7…Buy Generic 

Generic brands are often cheaper and will help you eat healthy on a budget. In most cases, they are of the same quality as popular brands, but will cost you less.  So next time you are shopping, go check those generic brands and save some cash!

Fast Food 

8…Avoid Junk 

Focus on totally cutting out junk food from your life. You will be surprised how much it costs to pay for processed foods, prepackaged meals, cookies, crackers, and soda. Although these foods offer very little nutrition, and are packed with unhealthy ingredients, they also tend to be expensive.  

When you skip unhealthy and processed foods, therefore, you will have more money to spend on higher quality healthy alternatives. In the long run, this will help you eat healthy on a budget.


9…Capitalize on Sales 

In case you have certain foods or staples you use often or even favorite products, consider stocking up on them whenever they are on sale. If you are quite sure you will use the product/food, it is better to stock up when it goes on sale. This will save you a lot of money and time making multiple trips to the store! 

Of course, you need to check the expiration dates to ensure that they will not go bad before you get to use them. After all, it makes no sense to buy something that you are going to throw out later on.


10…Go for Cheaper Meat 

Fish and fresh meat tends to be expensive. However, some of the cuts cost way less than you would imagine. These cheaper cuts are great for using in stir fries, soups, casseroles, and burritos.  

You might also want to buy large and inexpensive cuts of meat to use in different meals throughout the week. They are also great for making big meals and tons of leftovers to use later. 


11…Use Meal-Alternatives

Eating less meat will help you save money. Therefore, consider other sources of protein – such as canned fish, eggs, hemp seeds, and legumes. All of these are inexpensive, easy to prepare, and nutritious. They also have a long shelf-life and are, therefore, less likely to go bad before you get to use them. 

Healthy Eating 

Were these helpful tips?  So you really can eat healthy on a budget and not suffer the consequences of an empty bank account and poor health. Use some or all of the above ways and watch as your accounts grow and your body shapes up.

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5 Essential Reasons To Drink Water For A Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for the top 5 essential reasons to drink water for a healthy lifestyle?

Then you have come to the right place. Basically, there are many reasons why you need to drink water and stay hydrated. The most important of this is to ensure that you live a healthier lifestyle

Essentially…Without sufficient water in your body, your cells will become congested, your skin won’t detox, and your kidneys and bladder won’t work properly. Additionally, you will start eating more, gain weight and feel tired all the time. 

Stay Hydrated Starting Today

Whenever you feel thirsty, you need to know that your body is telling you that it is insufficiently hydrated. Although you can drink water when you wake up, you still need to keep drinking water throughout the day. Of course, always go for pure, filtered and clean water whenever possible. 

In the same way, ensure that you avoid such drinks as tea, soda, and sweet juices as substitutes. Not only do they not hydrate the body, some of them will actually lead to acute dehydration (especially salt, sugar, and caffeine). 

Drinking water helps to detoxify the body. It will, in addition, help you feel satiated – which will lead to actual, natural, and healthy weight loss. When you feel hungry, it might just be a sign that your body is telling you to drink some water. Therefore, take a glass and only eat if you still feel the hunger pangs.


So, let’s get cracking on these 5 essential reasons to drink water for a healthy lifestyle:

1 – Combat Fatigue

If you are dehydrated, you won’t be able to perform well. Water ranks among the best sources of energy for the human body.

Not only does it help your cells complete vital enzymatic activities, it also contributes to restoration of bodily systems, good sleep, and the production of energy to get you through each and every day.

Therefore, always drink water and keep hydrated every few hours or so. It will go a long way in helping you feel more energetic and able to accomplish more in a short period of time.

2 – Stop Gaining Weight

When the cells are depleted of water, they won’t be able to create the energy you need for normal functioning. Additionally, they will signal to the brain that it needs to get more fuel.

As a result, you will start eating more food – which will inadvertently lead you to gaining those extra unwanted pounds you have been avoiding all your life. To help you to escape any weight gain, you need to stay hydrated.

By drinking water, your cells will be happy and stop sending fat signals to the brain. Additionally, when you replace unhealthy drinks (like soda) with water, you will naturally keep off the weight you would have gained if you keep drinking these drinks.

Water girl drinking

3 – Slow the Aging Process

All of the organs in your body need ample amounts of water to work optimally. If you are dehydrated for a long time, every system, organ and cell in your body will work harder to keep you going. As a result, you will age faster than normal. 

To ensure this does not happen, opt for sea salt with a bit of lemon in your water (instead of sports drinks) after every workout. You should also replace soda with water. Alternatively, add some cucumber or orange wedges, lemon or herbs (sage, basil or mint) steep in a pitcher of water in the fridge overnight. The resulting drink will be both healthy and delicious.

4 – Flush out Toxins

If you are well-hydrated, you are less likely to experience kidney and bladder infections. Water helps to flush out all unwanted microbes and toxins that might have accumulated within these eliminator organs.  So drink water daily to help keep your body strong and healthy.

5 – Eliminate Digestive Disorders

Water is also essential for people who wish to reduce/eliminate the incidence of IBS, acid reflux, gastritis, gas, bloating, and ulcers. Drinking tons of it will also ensure that you do not experience constipation. This is because water will help push matter through the intestinal tract faster. Well-hydrated bodies remove metabolic waste and toxins better.


Overall, these 5 essential reasons to drink water for a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in helping you achieve the health, wellness, good feeling, and happiness you need and deserve.

Drink it up and enjoy a longer life free of toxins, premature aging, digestive disorders, fatigue, and unwanted weight. 


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Overweight Is Not a Life Sentence

When you gain weight or if you are overweight just know that it’s not a life sentence.

Hey I’ve been there, battling my weight since I was 12 years old.  I have the ‘pear shape’ figure and always dreamed about looking like a runway model.  So you may inevitably be left wondering how it happened. You may even feel bad that you didn’t watch your eating, and regret why you overindulged in the first place.

However, that is not going to help.

Since being overweight is not a life sentence, there is something you can do to change it. The best way is to simply forget what happened in the past, and start working on yourself and on your body today.


Decide, Commit, Succeed


The first step to ensuring that you are no longer overweight DECIDE that you finally want to do something about your weight and healthy lifestyle. This decision will largely be informed by your desire to change how you look and feel. 

One way to make to help you decide to change is simply follow people on social media. Find a couple of individuals with the body of your dreams. Check out how they look and make a conscious decision to change your body, think of it as your personal challenge that will help you decide to change.

Making a decision will activate your mind and give you the motivation, push and drive you need. It will also show you that it is much easier for you to start living a healthier lifestyle. For instance, after you decide, it will be difficult for you to overindulge on food that is bad for you. The decision you make will force you to wake up early every morning and start exercising even before you have had breakfast.

Exercise Couple Jogging


Once you know that being overweight is not a life sentence and you decide to do something about it, you need to COMMIT.  Find a routine that you can follow. If possible, get a personal coach or join an exercise program. Currently, the Clean Burn and Shape program is designed to help you lose weight in a quick, effective, and affordable way. And the cool thing is you can even follow up on this weight loss regimen over the internet with their online smart system. 

As of this posting…I’m on the CBS 10-30 program and have lost 12 pounds & 6 inches!

When you have decided what you would like to do about your excess weight, commit to the program, fitness coach or routine. Commitment, more than anything else, will determine how successful you are at losing those extra pounds, exercising daily and eating healthy.

By committing, you will always be in the right state of mind. Therefore, when you feel like you do not want to work out, you will find yourself getting out there and hitting the gym, doing those core exercises, some cardio, pumping weights, or jogging in the great outdoors.

Laptop Salad Water Healthy


With the right motivation, push, and drive, you should be able to SUCCEED and achieve your weight loss goals faster and with minimal effort. Where possible, get a couple of self-motivating and positive books, audio files and videos. Alternatively, consider joining a team that will help you. Whether it is an exercise team formed by your neighbors, friends or a weekend cycling program, your commitment and decision to your goals will make you more successful.

Just know and believe that being overweight is not a life sentence.

Irrespective of how overweight or out of shape you are, you can still work towards losing all those excess pounds. When you “Decide. Commit. Succeed.”, you will have an easier time finding success and getting that body that you have always dreamed about and living that healthy lifestyle. Get started today and work your way to the core. 

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Morning Exercises to Jump Start Your Day

Are you a morning person? Adding morning exercises can be a great way to jump start your day!

For a lot of people working a 9 to 5 job, they typically are part of the crowd packing the gyms after the 5:00 evening hour.  Instead, consider getting up a half hour earlier to go for a morning jog or hop on your home exercise equipment or even pop in a CD of your favorite workout video. 

Your body and mental health will improve much more when you take the time to engage in these morning exercises to jump start your day.

Exercise couple pushup

Whether you are getting ready to head out to your normal 9 to 5 job or you plan on staying at home to work, taking care of your family while running your online business, it is imperative that you workout in the morning. By doing so, you will be able to get that boost of energy and blood pumping to get you going in a positive and healthy way. 

1. Eat Healthy

The best thing you can do immediately when you get out of bed is drink water. You could even, add lemon juice and some cinnamon to the water. This will kick start your metabolism even before you have breakfast. 

Eating right from the get go will help you keep on track. It will also ensure that you do not deviate during the day. As a result, you are more likely to fight the urge to reach out for that bag of chips, or over snacking on donuts or muffins.

2. Sugar and Carbs

These two are your worst enemies. Not only do they work against all the hard exercises you are going to engage in, they will also make it harder for you to lose your love handles and that unsightly spare tire you have been fighting to reduce.

As far as possible, avoid that bagel and all sorts of bread. If possible, consider substituting your sugar with such healthy alternatives as stevia and honey. Your body will really thank you for it.

Most likely, you will feel groggy and tired in the morning. The best way to exercise, is by doing a couple of quick 5 to 10 minutes of exercises. Great options include knee bends, leg lifts and sit-ups.

a) Sit-ups

Both 9 to 5 and stay at home moms or dads will benefit from these exercises. The sit-ups, for instance, will work on your core, strengthen those muscles in your mid-section, fire them up, and ensure that your body continues burning fat during the day. 

And should you want another alternative to getting down on the floor, here are 5 favorite core exercises you can do standing up.  They are just as effective to building a strong core and those solid abs!

b) Knee Bends

In the same way, knee bends work on a wide variety of muscles all over your legs, knees and core. As a result, they will activate these muscles so that you feel fresher and ready to take on anything that the coming hours will bring to you.

c) Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are also great for working out the core and rear end! Not only are they essential for burning the fat around your midsection, they will also help you get a little closer to that desirable bikini body you have been fighting for. 

Exercise Couple Jogging 

In conclusion, exercising will ensure that you continue eating healthier, having a fitter body, and fighting the urge to indulge in any unhealthy food. At the end of the day, when you are worn-out from everything you were able to accomplish, you will thank yourself for taking the time to exercise in the morning. 

What is your exercise routine like?  Leave your thoughts and comments and share this with someone you think might enjoy this information.

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Top 5 Favorite Core Exercises That Work for Getting Solid Abs

Part of living a healthier lifestyle is to exercise daily.  

You’re going to see some of the top 5 favorite core exercises that work for getting solid abs. The great thing about these exercises is that you don’t even need to get down on the floor.

And the reason why I’m sharing this.  Yes, I will be turning 60 next month.  And I do have some aches, pains, bad ankle and vertigo but this does not mean that I do not exercise.

I’m excited to share these favorite core exercises because anyone can do these and still get the results, trim the belly fat and feel healthy.


Why Exercise the Core? 

In the past, I have had gym memberships using the weight machines and engaged in circuit training and some Jazzercise. Although all these are great for staying fit and exercising, when we age, or if you are overweight and just starting an exercise regime, attempting certain workouts at the gym may deter you from committing to a daily exercise routine all together. 

With the top 5 favorite core exercise that work for getting solid abs, you don’t have to get down on the floor. What is more, they are still effective and helpful and really do work. 

Abs Guy and Gal 

Importance of a Strong Core

Did you know that having a strong core is important to your body, back, and overall health? Essentially, there is more to a strong and firm midsection than just getting those chiseled six pack abs. 

In fact, you use your core several times in any given day. Every time you carry laundry, groceries or even your children, you will be relying on your core as the foundation of your strength.

Most people who are new to core exercises tend to have lower back issues and upper back tension. Since your core is located within the posterior chain, it is important that you strengthen it. By doing so, you will ensure that your spine is strong and your core is up, which also correlates to providing relief from back pain.

With these exercises, you will be able to increase your balance and stability especially if you are getting back into your fitness regimen after a timed lapse, or if you are new to exercise. 

This is why you really need to these core exercises, at any age! The great thing is that they are easy to follow. Try including the following top 5 favorite exercises into your training and exercise regimen and start enjoying the rewards:


Core Exercises While Standing Up

Sculpting your abs in the standing position provides plenty of benefits. You will be able to engage more muscles, burn more calories, and improve your postural support. Additionally, you don’t even need tons of space or equipment to perform these exercises for upper abs, lower abs, obliques and other angles. 

(of course, always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.) 

ROUTINE: Do three sets of the recommended number of reps for all the exercises below. You can include these routines into your regular cardio or strength session up to 4 days per week for best results.


1. Standing Bicycle Crunch

REPS: 20 on each side  EXERCISE Standing Bicycle

Standing with your feet apart and the knees bent slightly and the hand behind your head, lift your left heel. Then, brace your abs tightly, tuck the tailbone under and lift the left knee up while rotating your right shoulder towards the knee. If possible, try to make your elbow touch your knee. Do 20 reps of this move and repeat on the opposite side.



2. Extended Toe Touch 

REPS: 10 on each side EXERCISE Extended Toe Touch

Standing on your right leg, bend your knee slightly and extend the left leg low behind your hip. Then, extend your right arm overhead with the palm facing forward. Additionally, extend the spine slightly and lift your chest while raising the left leg as far up high as you can reach. Also, stretch the right arm upwards. 

Scoop your abs inside the spine and sweep your left leg forward and try to touch your toes with your right hand. Do 10 reps of this move before repeating on the opposite side.



3. Leaning Lifting Crunch EXERCISE Leaning Lifting Crunch

REPS: 20 on each side

With the feet together and the knees slightly bent, extend your arms overhead and press your arms together. Then, lean your torso to the right and stretch all the way through to the left side. As you do this, brace your abs in and lean slowly to the left while extending your left leg outward. Lift the leg with pointed toes. Repeat 20 reps of this move before working on the opposite side.



4. Rotating Deadlift

REPS: 15 on each side EXERCISE Rotating Deadlift

Start out in the split stance with your left foot placed forward, hands behind the head and knees slightly bent. Engage your abs and hinge forward from the hips, while ensuring that your spine is naturally straight until your chest is almost parallel to the floor.

As your body returns to the upright position (and maintaining a flat back) rotate your torso to the left and look back over your left shoulder. Do 15 reps of this before repeating on the opposite side.



5. Stepping Chop

REPS: 20 on each side EXERCISE Stepping Chop

Standing with the feet together, hands clasped, arms extended overhead and knees bent, take a wide step towards the side with your left leg. At the same time, chop down your arms towards your left hip. Then, bring your left foot back to the right and swing your arms upwards and to the right. Perform 20 reps of this core exercise before repeating the steps on the opposite side.



So, there you have it – the top 5 core exercises that work for getting solid abs. Try this out the next time you DO NOT want to get down on the floor and watch as your abs start forming and you begin building a stronger core!


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